Your Digital Profiling Needs

Whether you are the head of a company, an HR department or an executive search firm, you need effective background checks and insights. Spurred by the ever-increasing need of today’s employers to make sure they hire top qualified & reliable professionals for every job, Digital Profiling has emerged as the experts’ solution for compiling a clear blueprint of candidates’ or potential associates’ online identities. It’s a simple way to fullfil your due diligence and remain confident of your choices.

Your Due Diligence Obligation


As more and more online platforms are developed and launched, your due diligence obligation takes on a whole new dimension, particularly in terms of recruitment. If a candidate seems to be just the right fit, you may discover that his/her digital profile does not quite correspond with your corporate culture and could even interfere with the way you operate.

From Digital Profiling to the Digital Profile

Digital Profiling is a computerized background check tool that gives you a complete report on a person’s online presence and behavior, in other words his/her Digital Profile. This report will enable you to see if certain information you have been using to judge a candidate is indeed accurate, and to make sure you don’t place your trust in untrue individuals. 

As specialists in building and protecting businesses’ e-reputations, KBSD can perform thorough audits of your potential new hires and deliver a reliable Digital Profile to help you make the right choices. Take advantage of our know-how, in-depth understanding of the digital world and expert analysis.

pictos.gif Audit of the candidate’s online & social media presence Cyber Security - Audit of the candidate
Insights from e-reputation specialists and digital profiling experts Cyber Security - e-reputation specialists
Evaluation of the information’s quality Cyber Security - information’s quality
Evaluation of the candidate’s online activities Cyber Security - online activities
Surveillance of negative and/or contentious mentions Cyber Security - Surveillance mentions
Expert recommendations Cyber Security - recommendations
Guaranteed confidentiality Cyber Security - confidentiality

Reputation & Cyber Security

Digital Profile